Design (1)
~ Recycled Zara

In my first year of my degree, the main project of the year Focuses on the transformation of pieces donated by Inditex(Zara). They gave us an average of 15 garments to choose. The theme was to create an urban tribe as a group that would be inspired or will be created from scratch, our theme was non-gender and we created ODT. This ODT theme meant suit or clothing in Korean, for the flag we had a black circle on a white background that symbolized humanity in its environment.

My 15 pieces consisted mainly of jeans and shirts with the exception of a kids coat and some scraps. My main inspiration was to find references that did not have to do with fashion. In my selection two things stand out among all that were the architecture of Zaha Hadid and the sculpture based on earth movements.

My partners on the subject were Soolim Oh, Alba Seijas and Feranando Sanchez. The photo shoot was in my garden in the middle of spring with the freshly blooming roses. My model in the photographs is Elena Matin and my model on the catwalk was Aitor Vidal, I chose them because the garments have no gender and are made so that anyone can wear them.

The end result consisted of two garments. The first was a cape with sleeves made of shirts, the kids coat, and organza scraps. The second was a jumpsuit created with bleach-soaked jeans to have a uniform overall between them.